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Adult Martial Arts

Every form of physical exercise, from running to walking to martial arts, comes with a risk for injury. However, our program is run by trained experts who place a tremendous focus on injury prevention.

Because martial arts makes you more balanced, limber & flexible - it generally leads to LESS injury in people's lives. Not the other way around!

People come to us of all fitness levels. We get natural-born athletes, and we get people who have a harder time with athletic endeavors. However, everyone gets the same focus and attention.

If you're not in great shape, don't worry. Go at your own pace, and we'll do everything we can to help you learn each and every technique. Soon enough, your physical fitness will improve, and you'll be in better shape than ever!

Absolutely not! Martial Arts is about peace, balance & harmony. It's about becoming in touch with your body and all of life. It's about happiness and fulfillment.

The self-defense techniques you learn help you become flexible and strong. They help you become confident and proud.

The guiding principles of Martial Arts help you diffuse situations before violence becomes a part of them. However, if a hostile situation does ever come about, you'll have the tools you need to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Kids Martial Arts

Absolutely not. Children learn a lot about what it means to be respectful and polite here. As a result, kids who weren't violent in the first place become even more respectful and kind. Kids with behavior problems often become very respectful and calm.
Sometimes. But the truth is, injuries are very, very rare here. We have a lot of measures in place to keep your child perfectly safe. In fact, safety is our #1 concern.
Yes! In fact, martial arts is kind of a beacon of light for kids who just don't fit into team sports. Kids who never could throw a ball well or run fast find that martial arts is accessible to them. It's something they excel at, and as a result, their confidence soars.
Yes! After all, these are children we're dealing with here. And kids love their fun. We do a variety of games and activities that have kids howling with laughter, and constantly smiling. We work hard here - but we play just as hard.
Yes! Martial Arts is a powerful source of confidence for kids. They practice hard and learn techniques in order to advance through the ranks. And as they advance, they fill with pride. After all, they're the ones doing all the work - so they feel all of the accomplishment whenever they learn a new move... achieve a new belt... or get praise from their fellow students and instructors.
Any age! Most kids range from 5 to teenagers, but we have kids who are younger, too. Classes are customized to suit children of different ages. A teenager receives very different treatment than a 6 year old, for example.
Yes! We have a good mix of both girls and boys in our kids martial arts classes! Some people think that the boys are much “stronger and tougher,” but in reality this is not true. In fact, often girls are the stronger ones!
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Bartlett ATA Martial Arts is an ATA International School that focuses on the health and fitness of your entire body, mind, and spirit while learning effective self-defense techniques. We are a family oriented, traditional karate and taekwondo school with community, safety and achievement based learning at the core of our curriculum.

Whether you want to get fit, learn amazing self-defense skills, or find an outlet for your child to thrive in - we have programs to suit all your family needs. We offer martial arts training to pre-school age children (3-6 years old) through our ATA Tigers Program. Our Karate for Kids Program covers training for older kids (7-12) and we even have classes specifically designed for teenagers and adults, as well!

All classes are beginner-friendly and super FUN! Get ready to make some long-lasting friendships because you’ll feel a strong sense of community here. Instructors and students alike will encourage you to expand upward and outward and cheer you on whenever you accomplish something big or small. So get ready to see high fives galore!

Both our Kids and Adult classes are designed to meet your body, mind and spirit needs. There’s a connection between all three so what’s good for one is also good for the other two.


Bartlett ATA Martial Arts Classes Are…


Healthy for your Body


STIMULATING for your Mind


AWESOME for your Spirit


Having those qualities mean you have a far greater chance for success in school, work and all of life. And isn’t that what you want for yourself and your family? The absolute BEST so that you and your kids can reach your full potential and accomplish great things in life.

Check out the CRAZY-LOW web special going on right now! Classes fill up fast because it's such a spectacular deal so reserve your spot today! And bonus…it’s 100% RISK-FREE!

Black Belt Skills Taught by Black Belt Instructors. We provide a safe, fun and positive learning environment so you can develop black belt skills. Challenging yet fun classes will push you and your family beyond your physical limits and stretch your mind. And that’s a good thing! Because learning martial arts boosts confidence, builds character, and improves self-control and discipline, making you a well-rounded person capable of achieving great success.

Bartlett ATA Martial Arts is excited to help you on your journey to learn the philosophy and art of karate and taekwondo.

Students use our classes as a highly effective training tool for self-defense, a stellar boost to weight loss and fitness gains, or even as a stand-alone martial art. Whatever your reason is for practicing martial arts, our classes will meet and exceed your expectations.   

Safe & Clean, Just for You! We take great pride in making sure you have the most up-to-date, clean equipment; a professional state-of-the-art facility; and well-lit parking for your safety. Your health and safety are as just as important to us as they are to you.


Our certified ATA Martial Arts instructors are trained and qualified to help you and your family meet your individual goals. While students join our program for many different reasons, we want to help you become the best black belt leader you can be! So whether you’re looking for discipline, focus, confidence, self-defense, fitness or just a great way to meet new people and have some fun, we are the school for you!


Martial Arts + Fitness Fun = A Winning Combination! We look forward to seeing you and your family in class soon!


Head Instructor


Sr. Master Betsy Stevens is the owner of Bartlett ATA Martial Arts. She is a 7th Degree Black Belt in Songahm Taekwondo and serves as the International Chairman of Tournaments for the entire ATA.

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